Med Lien Solutions Exhibiting at Mass Torts Made Perfect

Med Lien Solutions proudly supports the Mass Torts Made Perfect conference and we are excited to exhibit in Las Vegas April 11-13, 2018!

Better Lien Resolution Matters when resolving mass tort health care liens for your injured plaintiffs with Medicare, Medicaid, Private Insurance, Military and VA. Our expertise ensures your clients net the highest recovery, and the liens are resolved quickly.

We will be also be presenting the Don Worley Havana Nights party at the Wynn Intrigue Nightclub on April 11th from 3-6pm!

Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions and be sure to stop by our booth (Foyer Booth #1) if attending the conference. We would love to discuss your lien resolution needs and how we will help save your firm time and money.

Call 844.MED.LIEN (844.633.5436) today for more information and to discover the amazing results we will deliver for your plaintiffs!

Big News at Med Lien Solutions!

After 9 years of improving the lien resolution field, we’re unveiling an updated MLS identity with a new logo! Our enhanced logo will match the recent, high-tech upgrades to our system and services. 

As we continue to better serve our customers, the new MLS identity will be evident in the redesigned and enhanced MLS Live Data Portal. We’ve increased the information we provide and upgraded your ability to interact with us. Our Live Data Portal includes Lien Amounts, Status for Reductions, Insurance Plan Type, and more. Our enhanced interactivity allows you to request lien updates, ask questions, submit settlement information, view plan documents, and submit new cases quickly and easily.

Our Live Data Portal is powerful. It’s part of how we’re continuing to provide Better Lien Resolution. Our new look better fits this thoughtful, personal service, and effective technology that blend together at MLS. We hope you like the new look and continued improvements to our system.

If you need assistance with your healthcare liens, or would like a free demo of our Live Data Portal, please contact us at 844.MED.LIEN (844.633.5436).

 Better Technology. Better Service. Better Lien Resolution Matters.


Finding Hidden Coverage: The PAID Act

Did you know that Medicare has data on its beneficiaries’ Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Supplemental Plans, Medicare Part D Drug Plans, and even Medicaid coverage?

Currently, CMS does not provide that additional coverage information to either plaintiffs (and their attorneys) or defendants in the Non-Group Health Plan realm. The Medicare Advocacy Recovery Coalition (“MARC”) is trying to change that. MARC was formed in September 2008 in an attempt to improve the Medicare Secondary Payer (or Medicare Lien) system. Its greatest success to date was the passage of the SMART Act in 2013. That act gave us Medicare’s Final Conditional Payment process.

Now, MARC is trying to pass a new reform called the PAID Act. For our purposes, the PAID Act is helpful in providing non-Medicare insurance information where the plaintiff has been unable to do so. This means that both plaintiff attorneys and defense carriers will have access to determine other potential lien holders. Both sides will know whether the plaintiff is a Medicare Advantage or Supplement, Medicare Part D, or Medicaid beneficiary before settlement.

As we wait for the PAID Act to pass, you’re going to need some help! Please reach out to Med Lien Solutions for any lien help you need – Medicare Liens or otherwise – at 844.MED.LIEN or 844.633.5436!

Med Lien Solutions Attending Harris Martin MDL Conference

Med Lien Solutions will be at the Harris Martin MDL Conference March 28, 2018 in Atlanta, GA! We are looking forward to attending this informative conference on emerging mass torts.

Med Lien Solutions is the country’s most accurate and reliable lien resolution company, quickly resolving healthcare liens with Medicare, Medicaid, Private Insurance, ERISA, Military and VA. Our expertise ensures injured plaintiffs net the highest recovery, and there is no upfront cost.

We have created simple solutions to large-scale lien needs. Our perfected lien resolution process is designed to be completed faster and in a manner most beneficial to you and your clients.

Call us today to discuss your lien resolution needs at 844 MED LIEN (844-633-5436) to see how we will deliver results to you, your firm and your clients!

CMS Update on Regional Office Move

Update from CMS: The Philadelphia Regional Office is Moving

Keeping you up to date on all things CMS! The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has announced that the Philadelphia, PA Regional Office is moving.

The new contact information is below:

801 Market Street

Suite 9400

Philadelphia PA 19107-3132


If you need assistance or advice on any Medicare lien resolution issue, please contact us at 844.MED.LIEN or 844.633.5436 to speak with our expert team.

New Contractor Set to Take Over MSA Reviews

Medicare’s new Workers’ Compensation Review Contractor (“WCRC”) is set to take over all Medicare Set-Aside (“MSA”) reviews on Monday, March 19, 2018. The new contractor, Capitol Bridge, LLC, has stated it expects no changes to the process or timeframes for review. It has provided new contact information though:

  • WCRC New Phone:                         833-295-3773
  • WCRC New Email:                
  • WCRC New Fax Line:                      585-869-3342

What isn’t changing?

Review timeframes. The WCRC will review Workers’ Compensation MSAs within 20 days of submission. Of course, submission is an always malleable word for the WCRC because it determines when a case has been properly and fully submitted.

During its March 5, 2018 introductory webinar, Capitol Bridge refused to answer any questions regarding Liability MSAs or No-Fault MSAs. Keep in mind that CMS’s Request for Proposals required Capitol Bridge and other bidders to acknowledge it may begin reviewing LMSAs and NFMSAs. So far we haven’t received updated guidance from CMS or the WCRC on those MSAs.

We will post additional notes as they become available. Keep in mind that MSAs are a valuable tool, but, other options may exist for your case. Have questions? Call us at 844.MED.LIEN (844.633.5436) today!

Medicare Numbers Transition: Begins April 1

Medicare is finally transitioning its beneficiary ID numbers (known as Health Insurance Claim Numbers, or, HICNs) beginning April 1, 2018. This change is required by a 2015 law, and Medicare first announced this transition nearly a year ago on May 31, 2017. See our previous blog post on this topic by clicking here.

How will the transition process work?

Medicare gave some more detail on the process on March 14, 2018 via a blast email. That email explained the transition will be gradual and new IDs will be called Medicare Beneficiary Identifiers (MBIs). Med Lien Solutions representatives reached out to our own Medicare contacts for more details:

  1. CMS will issue MBIs in a geographic pattern. That pattern remains privately known to only Medicare at this time;
  2. Once an MBI is issued, the BCRC and CRC will immediately begin using it on correspondence;
  3. Those same Medicare agents will continue to accept HICNs and SSNs for now, even where an MBI is issued; and,
  4. You can obtain an MBI simply by waiting for the next piece of Medicare correspondence as it will automatically change.

As always – we recommend plaintiff attorneys request copies of all health insurance cards from their clients. It might be prudent to try to remind them to send updated cards whenever they receive them (this helps both with the MBI transition and with other new insurance a plaintiff might obtain). Finally, CMS has clearly stated, “each MBI is unique, randomly generated, and the characters are ‘non-intelligent,’ which means they don’t have any hidden or special meaning.”

We’re preparing for these changes – if you need assistance or advice on any Medicare lien resolution issues please contact us at 844.MED.LIEN (844.633.5436).

Medicare Reporting Guidelines – 2018 Update

CMS has released its annual SMART Act report to Congress. The report includes the usual updates you’d expect, namely, cost of recovery data and reporting thresholds.

Reporting Thresholds

First, CMS has updated 2018 Mandatory Insurer Reporting and plaintiff-settlement reporting thresholds. Any settlement below these amounts needs not be reported by defendants (or, “primary payers”) and Medicare’s conditional payment amount need not be repaid by plaintiffs. The thresholds are for physical trauma-based injuries:

  1. Liability Insurance:                           $750
  2. No-Fault Insurance:                          $750
  3. Workers’ Compensation:                 $750

These amounts are all unchanged from 2017; however, there were various different amounts in 2016:

  1. Liability Insurance (2016 threshold):                        $1,000
  2. No-Fault Insurance (2016 threshold):                      $0.00
  3. Workers’ Compensation (2016 threshold):              $300

CMS Cost of Collection for Medicare Liens

Second, CMS explains the above reporting thresholds using its cost of collection methodology. Perhaps most interesting is that CMS spent $66,510.786.65 on “benefit coordination and recovery activities.” This number appears to not include MSA review costs. Then, CMS indicates it provided 206,228 Demand letters in 2017. This gives an average cost of collection of $322.51.

Why does this matter?

Because the average Demand amount needs to exceed $322.51 for Medicare Liens to make sense. CMS has provided some very interesting data on settlements and Demand amounts. Take a look here. If you need help with Medicare lien resolution, whether it is the process of resolving Medicare liens or reducing an amount much greater than that $322.51, please contact us at 844.MED.LIEN (844.633.5436).

Medicare & The Upside Down (Case)

Sometimes we refer to a case where fees and costs exceed settlement as “upside down.” An Indianapolis firm asked us: can a Medicare Plan (meaning Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplemental Plan) claim a lien in the upside down world?


Medicare Advantage Plan liens claim their rights exist from the same laws that allow Medicare liens. Their use of the Medicare Secondary Payer Act means that they are bound by the same rules. In this case we look to 42 CFR 411.37 (a) and 42 CFR 411.37 (d):

42 CFR 411.37(a) Recovery against the party that received payment –

(1) General rule. Medicare reduces its recovery to take account of the cost of procuring the judgment or settlement, as provided in this section, if –

(i) Procurement costs are incurred because the claim is disputed; and

(ii) Those costs are borne by the party against which CMS seeks to recover.

42 CFR 411.37(d) Medicare payments equal or exceed the judgment or settlement amount. If Medicare payments equal or exceed the judgment or settlement amount, the recovery amount is the total judgment or settlement payment minus the total procurement costs.

These two regulations taken together give us a simple result: if costs plus fees exceed settlement then Medicare has no right to its lien. Essentially, Medicare can only take from the portion of the case that is going to the plaintiff(s). For help with Medicare Liens or Medicare Advantage Liens please contact us at 844.MED.LIEN (844.633.5436)!


Med Lien Solutions Welcomes Brooke Hodge, Director of Business Development


Med Lien Solutions Welcomes Brooke Hodge, Director of Business Development, to Innovative Lien Resolution Company

SOUTHFIELD, MI, February 27, 2018

Med Lien Solutions (“MLS”), the industry’s most advanced and responsive healthcare lien resolution company, is pleased to announce the addition of Brooke Hodge as Director of Business Development. In her role, Brooke will consult with national law firms on Healthcare Lien Resolution in Personal Injury, Mass Tort, Class Action, and Asbestos cases.  Specifically, Brooke will work with attorneys to develop and execute comprehensive “lien” reimbursement protocols to properly consider Medicare’s past and future interests in Medicare lien resolution and Medicare Set-Aside (“MSA”) allocation. She will further develop protocols with those injury law firms for Medicaid reimbursement, Private/ERISA liens and non-ERISA recovery efforts, and, VA and Tricare claims.

“The purposeful and exciting addition of Brooke Hodge will help position Med Lien Solutions as the absolute leader in lien resolution period. We feel lucky to have her,” says Todd Franklin, Managing Partner. “As more personal injury law firms outsource their lien resolution, we look forward to utilizing Brooke to benefit our customers and bring our complete line of services to firms across the nation.”

Brooke brings to MLS nearly 15 years of business experience ranging from client development and executive account management, to strategic partnerships. A licensed California attorney, she began her career as a litigator representing plaintiff’s rights.  Brooke’s extensive background, knowledge, and education is a valuable addition to the MLS team.  Med Lien Solutions has continued to invest in the best and brightest of the legal industry to continue to improve our ability to function as the nation’s top lien resolution provider.

Brooke noted, “What I find really exciting about joining the MLS team of healthcare lien resolution experts is the use of advanced technology to streamline the lien resolution process providing fast and efficient distribution of settlement to clients.”


Med Lien Solutions is a nationwide provider of healthcare lien resolution services. By working hand in hand with personal injury law firms across the nation in both single event and mass tort cases, MLS expedites settlements through cutting edge software, services and support.

For more information, contact:

Amy Grishaber

Med Lien Solutions

Ph: 248-850-7119

– END –