Med Lien Solutions Services

Founded on the principles of value, transparency and respect, Med Lien Solutions provides the critical help you and your clients need in resolving Medicare, Medicaid, Private Health Insurance and ERISA liens. Our expert lien claims management team removes the time consuming lien resolution processes from your work flow, and offers real-time, on-demand updates on all of your client’s lien information. Our national expertise has resulted in successful resolution of thousands of liens.

We Offer:

Medicare Lien Resolution: 

Medicare lien laws become more complex all the time. We streamline the entire Medicare lien resolution process by monitoring internal procedures at BCRC and CMS offices and negotiating with these offices to eliminate unrelated charges and reduce the lien.

Medicaid Lien Resolution:

Our lien resolution specialists have knowledge of the hundreds of state Medicaid programs’ subrogation and third party liablity projects. We monitor, report and streamline the entire process, as well as disputing and negotiating the lien utilizing equitable, legal and medical reasoning to reduce each lien.

Private Insurance and ERISA Lien Resolution:

We understand both private insurance and ERISA lien resolution. Our skilled attorneys and specialists work with hundreds of health insurance companies every day and analyze each lien by apply federal and state laws to ensure reductions or even lien elimination.

Military, VA and TriCare Lien Resolution:

Military liens are governed by a special set of rules. Our lien resolution professionals have resolved liens with many of the hundreds of VA hospitals and JAG legal teams handling TriCare lien resolution. We expedite and consolidate all practices and procedures for each case, as well as provide you with timely reports of updated information.

Mass Tort Lien Resolution and Multi-District Litigation:

Med Lien Solutions has created simple solutions to large-scale lien needs. Whether we utilize global resolution techniques or case-by-case reductions, our goal is to complete lien resolution in a manner most beneficial to you and your clients. We expedite the process to provide for fast and efficient distribution of settlement funds.

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