Private Insurance & ERISA Lien Resolution

Two areas where you will benefit from using our skilled attorneys

Our lien resolution specialists work with hundreds of health insurance liens every day. We have MLS Attorneys on staff with government experience in Washington, D.C. working in ERISA health plans. We understand the burden of both private insurance and ERISA lien resolution and we can assist your firm with:


  • Private healthcare plan lien resolution and policy reviews. We have knowledge of hundreds of health plans and we interact with plan representatives across the nation

  • Requesting and obtaining all pertinent plan documents for review of plan language to determine if an insurance lien is valid

  • Contacting U.S. Department of Labor officials for Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) and non-ERISA covered plan issues

  • Reviewing federal and state laws to apply lien reductions or even lien elimination

  • Analyzing each lien, including federal rules preemption analysis to determine a lien’s applicability

  • Resolving any and all insurance liens for your law firm

  • Negotiating lien amounts to exclude unrelated charges and determining the defenses available to the lien – before they are made

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for assistance with Private Insurance and ERISA lien resolution.