Medicaid Lien Resolution

Making a complex system simple for you

The attorneys and lien resolution specialists at Med Lien Solutions have knowledge of the processes and rules for hundreds of state Medicaid programs’ subrogation and third party liability projects.  While each state has its own rules, Federal Medicaid statutes mandate certain conditions before a state can facilitate third party recoveries.  Specifically, each state must set up specific laws and directives under which both payment and then recovery can occur for medical services.



  • Seeking out and initiating contact with any state Medicaid agency in the country

  • Identifying all applicable laws in the separate jurisdictions

  • Utilizing our established relationships with state officials to efficiently communicate during the Medicaid lien resolution process

  • Disputing and negotiating the Medicaid lien with agency officials utilizing equitable, legal, and medical reasoning to reduce each lien


  • Monitoring, reporting, and streamlining the entire lien resolution process for you so that the hundreds of Medicaid plans across all 50 states are no longer an impediment to your settling a case


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